How to Shape your Career in AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a booming new technology that has revolutionized the technical interface globally. AI majorly made it to the local headlines when people started to report about Alexa reports, which led to the rise of jokes surrounding computer, AI taking all over the world and converted it into a household thing almost overnight.

The Three Key Stages of AI 

AI has been fast growing ever since and evolving with each passing day, which is one of the main reasons as to why a career in AI offers so much potential today for professionals. As technology grows manifold, knowledge improves simultaneously and chances a flourishing career prospective are evident. Here are the three stages of AI as described by Van Loon, given as follows: 

•  Machine learning comprises of smart systems using algorithms to study from skill.
•  Machine intelligence is where our current AI technology resides now, where our machines learn from experience based on false algorithms.
•  Machine consciousness is when systems can do self-learning from experience without any external data. Siri is a perfect example of machine consciousness in the current scenario.

How to Get Started in AI 

If you’re fascinated with building your career in this futuristic field and have been long wondering as to how to get on track with the same, Van Loon effectively describes the top learning methods for 3 different types of professionals, which are as follows:
1-For Those new to the field, for which he suggested going ahead with mathematics to begin with and then having all sort of courses in machine learning. Additionally, for those trying to move forward with AI field, he advised having solid computer-based skillset along with advanced programming skills like C++ and clear understanding of algorithms. Ensuring a good amount of professional training is the key aspect here.

2-For the existing programmers, wanting to move ahead into AI, he offered going straight into algorithms and begin coding. 

3-and those already working in data science, he lays emphasis on gaining enough programming skills and thereafter, he initiated that a data scientist ought to start by presuming what he or she would like to do exactly and then put their entire focus on that particular element for a better, more efficient machine-learning career in future.
He also pointed out validly that different skill sets are required for different industries, but all those trying to build a career & begin working in AI must have good communication skills before they start addressing the math and computing skills needed within the field.

Jobs specified in AI to start as career choices 

There are numerous prosperous employment opportunities for skilled professionals out there today as the field is expanding worldwide at wide pace and range so to create a massive space for innovation and further scope for development. Some of the rewarding roles that most companies looking to invest in AI based companies champion include the following profiles:
  • AI engineer 
  • Data mining and analysis
  • Data scientist 
  • Business intelligence developer
When It Comes to Investment

Speaking of making investments too, AI is certainly being considered as a top notch field when taking into account newer, innovative technologies with a promising, long-term future. Many investment companies are now even focusing their sole focus on AI and MI like technology start-up and developing business ventures to bet their investments on as they have realized the widespread scope and high future potential of the technology for artificial intelligence all across the globe. Among several others, ABP Holding is one such top Delhi-based investment company that uplifts the cause of major investment in the AI field as well as any other cutting-edge technologies to build an expansive profit margin and alongside, contribute to the technological progression of the country.


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