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5 Must-Ask Interactive Behavioral Questions during Interview

Behavioral interviews are composed of questions, which helps us figure out, how employee is past work experience will be useful for our company. It focuses on both aspects hard skill sets & soft skill sets. This type of questions are very popular because it is the most practical way to reveal actual work skills. While many such interview questions are available to help the employer to find their next candidate, Here are few such question which I believe might help : 1. Tell me about a time where you were unable to meet your supervisor’s deadlines or your view was dismissed, etc. How did you respond to it? Importance of this question - they motivate you when the job gets tough, and How do they step up and undo a failing project? Or what arrangements you’ll do to ensure deadlines are met on the next project? 2. What was the outcome when you are asked to do task against your values? Importance of this question – It helps the company to find out if candidates values match